Erika Lorenzo and Maria Julia Stolk 


We are a creative, proactive and dynamic team. We move quick. You can always find us either running around in our events, or jumping from venue to venue, from city to city, seeking where we will pop-up next.

We first popped-up during the Summer of 2018 in Miami, and still are — We’ve done events all over Miami — Upper Buena Vista, Brickell, Wynwood, Downtown, you name it.

We recently launched our magic in Caracas, Venezuela (both of our birth city) and will continue to host events in Caracas.

We are constantly growing and expanding in different cities. Follow us on Instagram @thebarzaar to see where you can catch our next pop-up.

Our Mission

Our buyers/guests know they will find items they can’t easily purchase in stores. 

It’s about the discovery of one-of-a-kind brands, a unique experience full of magic, great ambience and interesting people. 

Our crowd is into fashion, art, food, music, and are seekers. 

We aim to create a relationship between brands and their future loyal customers.